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Download 123 Sync Client for ACT! and Outlook

Please fill out the form below so that you can receive 30 day free installation support!

123 Synchronizer is the only owner of the information obtained from this web site. Our policy is not to sell, share, or rent our user information.

NOTE: The download executable for the trial is exactly the same as the purchased version. When the software is purchased, we provide you with a license number that enables you to activate it and fully use all the features. Uninstalling 123 Sync from your system does not remove the license from your system.

In many instances, to update 123 Sync on your system, you will need to uninstall it and re-install the downloaded version. The license that you have installed is not modified or removed during the uninstall.

Trial Mode Restriction: You are only allowed to transfer 200 contacts from ACT! to Outlook!

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